How Reliable Are The Basis Of Esources Complaints?


Many buyers and suppliers in the wholesale industry have come across rumors of esources complaints. Many of these false allegations have been spread online and retailers have read about them when doing company research. Naturally, it can be disconcerting to read about these complaints. The wholesale industry today seems to be riddled with the risk of being scammed or being taken in by an unscrupulous directory service. In the light of this, it isn’t surprising that some people have wondered whether these complaints are really true. The truth is that not only are the majority of these claims false, they are part of a smear campaign aimed at maligning esources. When assessing the complaints against the service, it is worth investigating where these complaints actually come from.


Who Is Complaining?


When reading about esources complaints, many people have noticed a number of similarities in the way they were written. A number of them are simply filled with negative comments but can provide no solid proof to back these statements up. Needless to say, these articles and reviews are not helpful at all. They are devoid of useful information or insights that can be of any value to the reader. Those who are trying to do research about the company often end up wasting valuable time and energy on such complaints. While it’s clear that these write-ups aren’t informative or helpful, it is worth considering where they are coming from. To better understand this, we need to take a look at how esources works.


With regard to esources complaints, it’s important to remember that one of the things that set esources apart from the rest is its commitment to verifiability. The company takes a number of steps to verify every single supplier that is included in their directory. This is because they understand the risk of a buyer connecting with a supplier that can’t be verified. esources is also aware that many spurious suppliers offer ‘disposable’ contact information if they are running a scam. This includes cell phone numbers and email addresses, are difficult to trace. By insisting on verifiable contact information and a number of other checks, esources is able to maintain a directory that consists of legitimate and verifiable suppliers. However, this also means that middlemen and other mischief mongers often lose out. It is these people that are usually behind the malicious complaints against esources.


Being Practical


Another thing to consider when assessing esources complaints is the overwhelming number of people who continue to use the service. The directory continues to grow each day and numerous buyers and sellers have been able to connect and grow. It is also worth considering that legitimate suppliers have benefitted hugely from this directory. Thanks to the system of checks and the ongoing monitoring that esources does, buyers are assured that the suppliers in the directory are definitely a cut above the rest. They are not only verifiable; they are also up to certain industry standards and have distinguished themselves as suppliers you can rely on. Rather than blindly listen to esources complaints, it makes far more business sense to view these objectively and understand where they are coming from.